Kikuimo tea recipe

Jerusalem artichoke tea latte

Jerusalem artichoke tea mixed with shochu

Kikuimo Chameshi (2 servings)

Kikuimo tea miso soup

You can make a simple latte style by mixing milk or soy milk with strong Japanese sweet potato tea (you can also boil it). The taste is similar to roasted green tea and warms your heart.

Just mix the strong sweet potato tea with your favorite shochu. Sugar countermeasures are also possible during evening drink time.
*Can be enjoyed hot or with ice.

●Kikuimo tea: 2 packets

●Rice: 2 cups

●Salt: a little

Remove the sweet potato tea from the bag and add it directly to the polished rice. Sprinkle a little salt if you like and cook the rice.

●Kikuimo tea: 1 packet

●Water: 400ml

●Miso: 2-3 tablespoons

●Materials of your choice

Make miso soup by putting a potato tea bag in a pot instead of a dashi pack.