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Made in Hokkaido [Free shipping] Kikuimo tea (15 packets)

Made in Hokkaido [Free shipping] Kikuimo tea (15 packets)

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Easy and delicious healthy habits with water-soluble dietary fiber

Jerusalem artichokes from Hokkaido are carefully roasted to create a fragrant, mellow, and easy-to-drink taste. You can enjoy the original taste of Jerusalem artichoke without using any fragrances or additives.
It contains inulin, which is by far the most soluble dietary fiber among vegetables. This tea is popular among vegans and health-conscious people.

●How to enjoy
Please take 2 to 4 sachets a day as a dietary supplement.
Pour 1 cup of boiling water into each sachet and drink after 2-3 minutes. Alternatively, boil it in a kettle for 1 to 2 minutes and drink. Depending on your preference, you can also enjoy it chilled in the refrigerator.

●Please note
After opening, please close the zipper tightly and drink as soon as possible.

*Effects and efficacy may vary from person to person.
*Seller Hokkaido Select

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